Direct Contracting for Diagnostic Imaging Services

Your health care costs are rising.

Your profitability is challenged.

And we can help.

Green Imaging is a radiologist founded/managed, full-service network of diagnostic imaging facilities. We offer members of self-insured employer groups easy, centralized access to high-quality, low cost imaging services through a network of over 4500+ imaging locations across the country.

With our award-winning service model, we are saving clients up to 60% on medical imaging costs, and up to 8% on their total health care spend. Today we serve hundreds of thousands of covered lives-and the number is increasing dramatically as entities responsible for their health care costs realize that direct contracting is an easy, affordable solution for higher cost medical services.

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Serving your members through 4500+ locations across the United States.

* Our entire facility network is only available to companies working directly with Green Imaging. Please contact us for information on those additional locations.*



40% of Americans do not have money to cover an unexpected $400 expense - such as medical care.*

* Federal Reserve Board - Federal Reserve Board issues Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households", May 22, 2018.

Let's start your savings today

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How you benefit:

Immediate impact on EBITDA

No cost to implement and minimum administration time means you start seeing an impact on your company's profitability from day one.

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Fully transparent pricing

We negotiate the price of each procedure up front, including the radiology read. You know what you'll pay; your employee knows what they'll pay. No surprise bills after the procedure.

Happier employees

The care our Patient Concierge team takes with your members yields our average 4.9 star rating on Google reviews. Read for yourself at

No claims management

You'll receive one monthly invoice for all procedures performed. No unpaid claims, no bad debt, no hassle, no high administrative costs.

How it Works:

Easy process for self-insured employer groups


We work together up front to analyze your medical imaging data to get an accurate view of your current utilization and expense. We've learned that this is not easy, but have become experts at rebundling imaging claims data so that we can provide accurate, apples-to-apples comparisons.


We help you customize a benefit plan for these services that works best for your organization. As a 'bolt-on' plan, it can be implemented immediately-no need to wait for re-enrollment.
In fact, we are saving many of our current clients enough that they opt to offer these services to members with $0 co-pay.


We help you develop incentives and provide co-brandable educational tools to steer members towards our high-performing, lower-cost sites of service.


We make it easy for your members to access services.
Our centralized Patient Concierge team and text-based scheduling platform allows us to schedule many exams within an hour.


You pay one monthly invoice for all procedures performed. No claims to manage.


We perform regular, retrospective data analysis to measure the impact of savings.

Easy process for members


Member contacts Green Imaging and submits physician's order


We quote the member's financial responsibility (if any), based on your plan design, and schedule the procedure, typically within an hour.


Member pays the patient responsibility up front and send them a voucher for service.


Member presents a voucher at the appointment. There will be no additional patient financial responsibility.


Green Imaging radiologists read exam or provide oversight. The exam report is delivered to the referring physician.

Case Study:

  • Company health care costs skyrocketing
  • Employee wage increases wiped out by increases in existing Cigna
    premiums; many employees opting out of health care coverage
  • Those who remained in the health plan paid such high premiums, they had little left over for care
  • Employees in plan being directed to geographically inconvenient sites of care with long wait times for appointments
  • Employee morale suffering

South Florida School District
10,000 Covered Lives

Actual Savings 2020:

$ 1,500,000 | 60%

Actual Savings 2022:

$ 3,200,000 | ~65+%

 Lauren Haddox, School District Risk Manager

Green Imaging has been an invaluable partner-not only with a 60% average savings on major imaging but with top-notch customer service. Our employees rave about how easy it is to schedule their major imaging the fact that it is at zero cost. With a 79% savings per CT scan, our self-insured trust-fund is reaping the rewards.

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